Great for bench testing, or a starter solar pack, or a short-range EV. Can’t verify the exact capacity, but it still has enough umph to propel my 4300lb brick about 40miles/60km, so it’s still useful as a small pack if you have a 96v-or-lower vehicle project.

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These cells are about 15yrs old, and were originally purchased by CanEV and installed in a conversion. Unfortunately the owner left it in storage for too long and some of the cells died, meaning it used to be a 32s pack, now it’s 27s (about 20kwh). Dead cells have been removed from the pack. I bought this CanEV vehicle for parts, and used the cells in my build for the past year. Price reflects this. New cells here. Open to offers.

I can chuck in the 4 dead cells if you want to try and revive them. Donated the 5th one to an EV tech course I was taking. Comes with a MiniBMS and hardware. Full meal deal.

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Located in western Canada (Vancouver Island). Pickup would be ideal, but will ship on you.