I have 21 of these 200AH HiPower LiFePO4 cells. I had bought them several years ago to use in an EV conversion, and used them only once. That project fell through, and the battery has been setting ever since. I tried to take good care of them while in storage, maintaining a partial charge, not letting them go completely empty or full. Originally there were 24 cells, but 3 of them are no longer holding a charge. If you want them anyway, I'll be happy to send you all 24 (the 3 bad ones are free). The remaining 21 seem to be in good shape. These are prismatic cells, toughly made. The matching BMS and 2KW charger are included. Asking $3,900. Free to pick up, or add $200 for shipping within the contiguous US and Canada. I also have two metal battery cases - if you want one or both, they're free - just cover any extra shipping cost for them. If you don't want all the items, we can discount for what you don't need. You can refer to the photos.