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-22 F Too Cold For Me.

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This morning it was -22 F. The oil heater didn't do quite as good of a job on this cold of a morning. Looked like it shut off early.

Started to town and the car ran OK but I could tell it was not going to be easy.

Don't talk to yourself without having a defroster (got one-didn't put it in).

Windshield fogged over bad, so do you open a window as I would on a warmer day?

Didn't help much. Wipe windshield continually.

Car getting slower as batteries not as warm as they should be.

Crept to the shop door with 61.8 volts and 24 amps left.

Battery pack popped right back up with a 2 1/2 hour charge.

Drove the truck home tonight.....;)
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Thank God for Global warming or else it could be really cold.
Thank God for Global warming or else it could be really cold.
Every time I see a statement like this, I shake my head and think to myself how often smart people think in such small terms. Do you know how the weather is in the southern hemisphere?
I think his comment was tongue-in-cheek.....not really global warming.
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