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24-72 volt PMG132 Motor - East Coast

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Hey everyone, thought I'd try out this forum to see if anyone could use what I have. I had been planning a motorcycle conversion but after that whole thing with the economy happened I had to put it on hold for some time. So anyway here it is!

It's a PMG 132 pancake-style electric motor, capable of operating under variable voltages, 24 to 72v. Here's some copy pasta specs

Voltage:24-72 V
Weight: 24.8 lb
Angular-velocity constant: 50.2 rpm/V
Torque constant: 27 ozf·in/A
Terminal resistance: 0.025 Ohm
No-load current:6 A
Rotor Inertia: 1370 oz·in²
Inductance: 19 µH
Continuous current: 110 A
10 minute current: 200 A
Terminals: 8mm

For more info google this bad boy. Retails for over $1000 but I'm asking $650 for it. I'm trying to make a cross-country trip and I could use the financial leeway. Thanks guys