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2wd ICE to 4wd Hybrid conversion question

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Hello everyone!

I have what I hope is a relatively easy to answer question:

I want to convert a 2wd ICE vehicle to a 4wd-ish vehicle and i'm wondering, to transfer power to the front wheels I assume I will need to switch out the whole brake/wheel/front suspension assembly for a 4x4 one with half shafts? and then connect a electric motor(s) either to the end of each half shaft or to the transplanted front differential?

My goal is to have a ICE engine for long trips (or power hungry short trips) and have the electric part as a 4x4 backup if the vehicle ever gets stuck or so i don't have to start my engine if i need to just drive 4 or 5 miles around town.

I dint imagine I'd need much more than 40hp.

I don't need the electric and ICE powertrains to be synchronized in any way AKA I could drive the ICE with pedals like normal and I could have a handle or lever to use the electric motor.

Thanks in advance!
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Yeah 99% of the vehicles I'm considering are RWD front engine unfortunately. I'm leaning toward electrifying the steer wheels only.

about the law being strict in australia, is it actually enforced? as in, will the police pull you over because they saw your vehicle wasn't originally 4x4 or is it something they notice when doing yearly emissions inspections?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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