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2wd ICE to 4wd Hybrid conversion question

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Hello everyone!

I have what I hope is a relatively easy to answer question:

I want to convert a 2wd ICE vehicle to a 4wd-ish vehicle and i'm wondering, to transfer power to the front wheels I assume I will need to switch out the whole brake/wheel/front suspension assembly for a 4x4 one with half shafts? and then connect a electric motor(s) either to the end of each half shaft or to the transplanted front differential?

My goal is to have a ICE engine for long trips (or power hungry short trips) and have the electric part as a 4x4 backup if the vehicle ever gets stuck or so i don't have to start my engine if i need to just drive 4 or 5 miles around town.

I dint imagine I'd need much more than 40hp.

I don't need the electric and ICE powertrains to be synchronized in any way AKA I could drive the ICE with pedals like normal and I could have a handle or lever to use the electric motor.

Thanks in advance!
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This sounds like a somewhat dubious goal...The cost of what you're describing likely exceeds the cost of leaving the car in the ditch if it gets stuck. I would say buy a come-along and a used Leaf...
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