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I have a slightly used battery that came from a Zero S 2011 motorcycle. This battery is the 3.9kWh model, not the 2kWh
That battery have low use and is in good shape. This battery is a 14s24p of 2.9Ah 26700 LiMn cells
-can take 500A burst and 200A continuous( contactor limited) but is fused with 425A high quality fuse and wired with gauge 2 wires
-include high end Zero BMS that work perfect
I'm including one fully automatic deltaQ charger with it ( 1000W quality charger and waterproof IP66) and work from 100-240VAC
I can include one additional for 175$ to charge it in 2h ( the battery have the optionnal connector installed
I have also documented how to use it for ANY EV project. It have already a contactor inside that enable potput power to a SB120 anderson blue connector. ( i can include one to match with)
You can install a switch to activate the BMS and by that way ebnable the battery operation. BMS will protect and cut the contactor if one or more cell goes to 3.0V
This battery can be used as is for a great 14s Ev project or to be disassembled and use the cells in differnet configuration, or for a replacement for your actual 2011 Zero motorcycle.
I will post pictures soon.
Asking 2200$
That's 56 cents per Wh and READY TO WORK charger included !
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