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3 phase 15 hp ac.motor work?

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Would a weinman ac 3 phase 15 HP work for a conversion? (using about 3000 lb vehicle)
Volts 208-230/460 DUTY: CONT rpm 3485 hz 60 fl amp 41.9-36.9/18.45 alternate tasting 46.0/23.0 amps max at 190/380 v

If so special mods? what would a possible approximate top speed be?

Thanks for any tips!!

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The motor is not your real worry in an AC system.

Where is the current coming from? The controller/inverter....

Almost any AC motor needs to be rewound to a lower voltage, usually 75-100 VAC-RMS. ( By halving the stator winding count and doubling the wire gauge)

Then, installing an encoder and a thermister to communicate with the controller/inverter.

At this date, in the USA, there is only really one game in town. The Curtis 1238R series controllers. They are voltage limited to about 120VDC pack volts and 78 VAC at the motor terminals.

An AC50 motor is really about a 7.5HP motor, rewound down to 78 AC volts. the real power comes from running it at 300Hz, by the Curtis 1238R controller.

SO, Yes, a properly reworked 8, 10,15 HP 3 phase, AC motor will work.

Like this Giant one from Topeka Electric Motor in their Silverado.

It is a full sized truck. It drives like a dream, they use it for their "shop" truck.
That has a purpose-built Baldor motor. It uses a Curtis 1238R controller.

SO, the AC50 is not stressing the controller...LOL


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I know all of this is a lot to wrap your head around, but as pointed out already, AC aint an easy one for a first conversion.

Yes, you can do a bandaid solution with an exotic converter and run a motor as-is.

Yes, you can do as I suggested and run a straight forward, purpose built controller and have the motor rewound.

Yes you can buy a DC set up and blend in with the crowd.

Yes you can be confused and give up.

The choice is yours, but remember...This is the internet. Look long enough and you can find reasons for anything.

ADVICE: Read the build threads. Pay attention. You will eventually get your answer.

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