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3 phase 15 hp ac.motor work?

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Would a weinman ac 3 phase 15 HP work for a conversion? (using about 3000 lb vehicle)
Volts 208-230/460 DUTY: CONT rpm 3485 hz 60 fl amp 41.9-36.9/18.45 alternate tasting 46.0/23.0 amps max at 190/380 v

If so special mods? what would a possible approximate top speed be?

Thanks for any tips!!

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overclocking (if high efficiency ie thin lamination's ) like the aussies have been doing to 400hz and over volting (they take a 400 v motor and rewire it to 100v ) running with volts/hz or as the hz is increased so is the voltage counteracting the back emf so torque and amps remain constant as the RPMs go to 5000 on a 1750 motor . They ended up with less heat then stock (1/3 or 1/2 hp) to 5hp overclocked .
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