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(The "high power e-scooter controller" mentioned in this article means those of which the power are over 2kw)
Comparing to ebike controller,the high power e-scooter controller is a new product which has been developed in recent years.There is something in common also something different between the above 2 controllers.However,not all the users could see it,here is3 Points you cann’t ignore when you are selecting or using a high power e-scooter controller.
1.Power indicated is the nominal one or the maximum one?
Power equals the product of the voltage and current.
Among them, “voltage” is fixed, “current” means the dc current.
For example ,when you say 48V,2kw,there is 2 possibility of your meaning. 2kw is either the nominal power or the max power. Generally speaking, the max power is 2~3 times the value of nominal power. One should distinguish which is the max value ,which is the nominal value as this is greatly related to the price and the function.
2.Current indicated is continuous value or the peak value?and how long will it last respectively?
Take a 48V,2kw(nominal) controller as an example, the nominal current is about 40A (2KW÷48V = 40A),then how long will this 40A last? half an hour or one hour? The heat dissipation requirement for the controller is different for those 2situation.
In the meantime, if the continuous current is 40A, what is its peak current? around 80A.and how long will this current last?30 seconds or 1 minute?
3.Temperature protection
Since we are talking about high power e-scooter controllers, as we all know, the temperature rise is very fast if the controller works for too long. If the temperature reaches 80 degree and is still on the rise, the controller life will get hurt. it is very necessary to have temperature protection built inside the controller,
limit the current when temperature is high enough.

【Statement:This article originate from Sabvoton motor controller(Suzhou)Co.,Ltd.For any use,pls indicate the source and the link】
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