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3 prong Plug In

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I plan to have the male end of a regular 3 pronged outlet mounted in place of the gas cap stuff. Then i just plug and extension cord in to charge

what is a recommended "heavy duty" 3 prong male plug?

It would be nice to have one that had a female input in back and male prongs in front so i could plug my charger into the back of it...if that makes any sense
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My RebirthAuto kit came with a "MARINCO #150CCI" inlet. It is a close fit to the hole where the gas inlet was, but not quite. I haven't installed it yet, but it's rated for 15A and my charger draws only 12A @ 120VAC.

I thought it'd be cool to use a power cable with a spring loaded coil. Kinda like you'd see on a vacuum. That way you wouldn't need to whip out an extension cable when you want to charge somewhere other than home.

Edit: this one is meant to have stripped wires terminated into the back-side, but I agree a female port in back would be cool. I hope you post if you find one like that.
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