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Selling projects I will not get too!! Pick-up only in Oakland CA, thanks for your interest!

Famous Italian Classic, sold new in 2006. One previous owner, put it in my name so no problems with DMV. Bought from original owner. I have all the paperwork. Electric Motorsport stopped fixing them, and of course it started being intermittent. Previous owner traded it to me for fixing up her electric bike. The batteries and tires were replaced at one time and I charged the batteries. I have the service records. Total voltage 50.3. About 12.58 volts resting voltage each. Have held the charge for months. The contractor clicks. The dash works. The special key works and there is more than one. Needs someone good with troubleshooting, obviously! And probably could be converted to Lithium. Total mileage is 13,096. Belt and gear reduction. Dauntless has info from endless-sphere on them. Previous owner paid $2,538.13 new! I have service manual and it is almost worthless! No error messages. Legally goes 28 mph if I remember right. The seat housing needs some repair where it attaches to the frame. And general fixing. Feel free to bring a voltmeter and see if you can fix it as it stands. SAME PRICE IF YOU GET IT TO WORK, HOW ABOUT THAT!!


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