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300ZX conversion for sale

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Started this project about 4 years ago and kids started to happen so I’ve lost the time to complete it. Conversion is mostly designed/planned out and pretty much all components come with the car. No Current state of car; motor is modified and mounted in car with axles going to wheels. Inverter, chargers, dc dc assembly is together and 90% mounted. Those need wired and programmed together. Battery is mostly assembled. Busbars need drilled, BMS needs wired. Engine bay and rear 12V wiring redone. Center and door 12V needs complete. Pictures will probably show more. Car is gutted right now.

-1993 red 2+2 Nissan 300ZX
-Modified 2014 leaf motor in rear
-Gen1 Volt inverter (spare inverter included)
-Paul&Sabrina Volt control board
-2 Gen2 Volt Chargers - modified
-Gen2 Volt DCDC - modified
-Leaf/Volt contactors, pre charge relays, Current sensors - box purchased
-SIMPbms V2
-Gen1 Volt BMS modules
-Powerwatcher HV V3 (display interface)
-Tesla PTC heater core
-12 PDU/fuse box unit
-Electric brake booster (Bosch unit from CRV)
-new brake lines
-coolant lines run
-manual steering rack installed
-96s3P Saft VL41M cells, 43kWh (more available)
-steel and other materials for future mounting plans
-full car interior
-Mercedes mono wiper (crazy idea to mount this)
-Clean title

I’m sure I have a few more things. I customized (shaved material, new connectors, etc) a number of components to optimize the fit of things. Major parts of the car frame modified is the trunk floor cut out and the windshield wiper area cut up. Lot of work and planning has gone into it

Asking $6200. Prefer picked up but open to delivery/pick up coordination. Columbus OH

Will post a link to more pictures soon hopefully

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