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330 x Melasta SLPB8070170 Lithium Ion pouch cells are available. I would like to sell them all together.

Capacity of each cell: 10 Ah

Energy storage of each cell: 37 Wh

Maximum continuous discharge of each cell: 10C (100 A)

Number of cells: 330

Total Energy: 12.2 kWh

Approx cell size: 8.0 x 70.5 x 171.5mm

They are largely in uniform, lightly used condition. They were originally purchased in April 2017 for use in a University EV project and have been in storage since October 2017 after the EV was retired.

Cells tabs are in a usable but not pristine condition due to assembly and removal from larger battery packs.

No cells have puffed up, punctured or otherwise been damaged.

The majority of cells have been stored at 3.8 V. A random selection of cell voltage was tested and no drop in voltage appears to have occurred since 2017.

All cells are boxed but some have more original packaging than others. Some cells are packed into fibre glass housings that were used on the EV originally. These are included in the sale.

I believe they have all been fully charged and mostly discharged around 10 times while they were assembled in the EV. Their capacity should be broadly in line with the manufacturer’s data sheet and still have many years of service left in them!

These cells are popular with Formula Student teams and due to their construction do not require spot welding to assemble into larger packs like cylindrical cells do. They would be good candidates for use in another EV project I think.

For full cell technical details please see the manufacturer website which can be found at

Collection only from Bath due to postage restrictions and large mass. I could possibly deliver within about an hour radius of Bath for petrol cost but viewing before final sale is recommended.

If you have any specific questions, want to discuss the price or want to find out more I am happy to discuss.

There is also a gumtree listing which has more pictures:
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