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So I recently fixed an Electra Voy just in time for my truck to go down for more than a week during the wait for parts; the little guy really came through in a crisis.

So much so I want to build a slightly larger version better suited for a guy my size to ride it. I'm going to want the pedals to be more effective, I needed them going uphill, etc., so it'll need a gear ratio closer to that of a 20" wheel bike. I'll make it at least 3" longer to get the seat farther back from the bars and pedals, I sit pushed to the very back on it. I'll also make the seat a few inches higher, for easier pedalling. Maybe even slim it around the crank to get my feet closer together while I pedal.

My biggies thought is the hub motor. I'm amazed how well 180 brushless watts came close to working out. I'm 200 pounds. But I'll need something bigger for the new one. If you want a noticeable change in an upgrade, just double it. So I'm thinking I want a 360 watt brushless hub motor with a 16" wheel, to go with the 16" kids bike front wheel I already have. A whole kit, controller, etc. would be terrific. Any ideas where I can get one?
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