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36V,48V,72V,120V,150V,Ev battery

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JooLee Battery is a professional manufacturer of LiFePo4 battery use to e-bike, power tools, toys, aircraft, Auto car, Bus, Scooter and so on. 5Ah to 1500Ah of the capacity and 3V to 550V of the Voltage. Delivery time is short ,good quality and low price, our company also can be customized according to customer's different needs. And we can provide OEM and ODM service at the same time. For more informations, please visit:
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Hello Joolee, what is your price per Ah delivered to US?

Dear JR,

Thanks for your inquiry.

The price will according to your requests, is about 1.55USD to 2.3USD per Ah.
If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us.
My email: [email protected]

Thank you

Joo Ye

Hello Joolee, what is your price per Ah delivered to US?

...about 1.55USD to 2.3USD per Ah.
thats a pretty big range! even at the low end, it is far more than other established sources we have now.... which seem to be hovering around $1.30/ah FOB US, or $1.15 FOB china.
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