I purchased 4 LG Chem LGX 8.5 kwh batteries from Battery Hookup about last May, with the intent of building a power-wall with them. My plans have changed, and I'd like to see if anyone is interested in them. I paid 935 plus tax and freight shipping at the time. Anyone interested in these for 900 per battery? I live in Springfield Ohio. Local pickup preferred if possible.

These are 8s4p packs - Lithium NMC chemistry. They came from a Ford Mach E I believe and have very low use. I have not cycled them, and according to the original ad, they have very few cycles. Please see the write-up below I included from Battery Hookup's website at the time I purchased them. Lots of details about the batteries.

<These modules are made with LG LGX cells. The modules came out of VERY LOW mileage electric vehicles and are testing amazing.
Every module is balanced and ready for you to add your BMS. There is quick access to the busbars on the sides for your balance leads and you can easily solder your balance leads right to the busbars. Main positive and negative connections can be made with regular ring terminals. If you want to convert these into different voltages you can cut the busbars with a dremel although we recommend keeping the module the way it. It's already professionally built and compressed.
Note: For 24v and 48v applications you can charge these up to 4v per cell and stay within inverter range. You will only a lose a little capacity however you will more than triple the cycle life.

There are 32 LG Chem LGX cells in each module in 8s4p configuration.
Module fully charged is 33.6v (4.2v per cell)
Module fully discharged is 22.4v (2.8v per cell)
Module Dimensions: 21" (L) x 14" (W) x 5" (H) - Width includes +/- posts
Module Weight: 86 lbs
Note: These are not Chevy batteries.>