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Hello Guys,

Pleased to be a member of this forum.
Apologies if my question falls outside the realm of DIY electric cars and apologies also if this new thread breaks some similar guidelines.
I have been on countless forums here in UK trying to find a fix, a line of advice or something that can help me solve this electrical issue on the scooter.

Please let me just start:

I bought a 4000w electric scooter, it is a copy of the American "Electric Works ROVER" as seen on YouTube, yes I know I should have just saved more for the real deal but alas I'm here now with a Chinese version..
It has a claimed speed of 65Km and range of 100Km.
It comes complete with digital voltmeter, clutch brake and a 60V 38Ah 18650 lithium battery, this is one of the reasons I bought this, the giant battery range.
A company on Alibaba had the exact same scooter as the ROVER but at a cheaper price.
So I made the purchase and 2 months later I recieved the scooter, after a few days the issue started(yes days!)..
The digital voltmeter reading would drop drastically when turning handlebars to the left, even leaning scooter left would have this effect.
I opened it up to see that too much tension was being placed on the wires running down handle bars causing this drop, that was fixed.
Now when I turn the ignition and twist throttle it moves a small distance makes a clunk/thud noise then stops, no response from throttle and no change in voltmeter readings, just an unresponsive scooter.
Only upon turning ignition off then on again does it work and does exactly the same thing -works for a few yards then clunk and the throttle stops working.
Even more wierd is that when I switch the LED lights on it works momentarily again then stops!, why is it doing this?.
The battery is charged sufficiently as this started to happen shortly after a full charge, so I'm told it is not that and most likely a loose or bad wire.
But there are no loose wires that I have checked.

Please any ideas guys, I'm stumped..


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I came to the thread to introduce myself, then saw this!

Sounds like there might be two issues.

1 - It shuts off when you lean to the left - sounds as though there may be something loose causing either a short or a disconnect.

2 - It shuts off after a short distance of motion - could be the same issue as above, or could be worse (controller, something overheating and shutting off)

All guesses of course, very difficult to say anything for sure without more information, or investigating with a multimeter in person.

The best thing you could do is return it if you haven't already as you've only had it a short time so should hopefully be in warranty, but weather or not the seller honours that I guess is a different story. Good luck!

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Ladybug, It sounds like you have a hard short somewhere in the system and the controller has a "Thermal Limiter" that will shut down when it sees too much Amperage draw. I would wire in a digital volt-ohm meter and watch the battery voltage as you go those few feet and it quits. I bet the voltage drops real fast right before it cuts off. When you turn it off, the controller resets the Thermal Limiter and you get another few feet and "WONK" its dead again.

A hard short is not a good thing with Lithium batteries. They can fail in a few ways, one being fire and or explosion so please use caution. Dave
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