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47 lithium battery part out bmw !!

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contemplating parting out the bmw conversion which is 100% complete .... ive been hit to many times by badluck with this build .... I have to be smart at some point and except my defeat :( .... I first blew a charger .... 2,500 $ because of a truck water infiltration ... and now 4 months ago I blew the controller because of a motor short caused by a washer going to the only uninsulated place on the motor lugs :( ... after four months of trying to fix the controller and 700$ IN PARTS I give up :( ....

let me now who and how much people would be interested in parts ....

all parts are practically as new as the car has only been finished 2 years and has only had 20,000 km done with it big max !

- one hpevs ac76 144 volt motor and controller ( controller starts up and power electronics are fixed but still has a code 12 issue which makes no sense :( )
- 12 volt power steering pump from a opal from Europe ....
- 12 volt vaccum pump from
- 47 calb se 160 ah lithium batteries from evwest
- 2500 watt elcon pfc charger ( max 6 months old only used 2 months before the controller blew ) from evwest
- 2 x I believe elcon 30 amp dc to dc convertors from evwest
- pot box 0-5k from evwest
- 12 volt batterie overkill protection from evwest
- 12 volt accident reset switch from evwest
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Elcon charger configurations ...

10 algorithms 1- 157 volts to 10-166 volts
Perfect for any lithium pack from pretty much 46 to 48 cells .

As for batteries obviously I would rather sell the 47 cells together ... if no one is interested then I'll be parting

Im trying one last chance with a pro to fix the controller but it will be a last hope .... at one point one has to realize throwing money in a fire although it gives heat its more economical to burn firewood :s ....
To make myself clear I'm trying to get 7,000 $ us for a 12,000$ lithium pack that is 2 years old and no more than 15,000 km on it .... the pack is bottom balanced and ready to go .... if I get a buyer on that I'll consider parting out ... or else I'll just burn the damn thing and call the insurance ....
How much for the charger??? I've sent two emails with no replies
Read previous post .... selling 12k$U.s lithium pack of calb se 160 ah cells

If I get 7,000$ u.s hell anyone make me a reasonable offer for the pack ill part it out . Or else I'll set it ablaze rather then get pennies for tiny parts .
Car is officially parted out ... make on offer on parts ...

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how much for :
12 volt power steering pump
12 volt vaccum pump
I think you made a type-o. Do you have calb se 160 ah cells or calb se 180 ah cells? They look like calb 180's. If they are 180's what is there current state of charge, what caused the marks on the plastic around the terminals, and are they still for sale?
do you have a BMS you are selling? I'm Looking for MiniBMS cells
Yes typo .... they are 47 x 160 ah cells as for the plastic they are used +~ 10k km so yes they’ve been connected in series before with the aluminium bars from Evwest ...

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5,000 is plus shipping there whoever’s for the taking !! They are charged at 75-85% full that’s what I charged them to before dismantling

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