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48V 120Ah lifepo4 battery pack for Energy storage and electronic car

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48V 120Ah lithium ion lifepo4 battery pack is widly used for energy storage and also slow solar energy storage, ebike. The battery pack can be connected in parallel to get higher capacity. Or in series to get higher Voltage. Battery pack come with metal casing. Make sure the battery pack is strong enough during the shipping or using.

The materials of 48V 120Ah battery pack.

We apply with battery cell 3.2V 120Ah LiFePo4 battery. This battery with very long life cycel more then 2000 times. It is a perfect solution for solar energy storage or back up power. Compared with normal Li ion battery. The advantage is obviously economic.

What is the advantage of LiFePo4 battery compared with (Li(NiCoMn)O2)battery?
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I think generally LiFePO is considered less energy dense but also less volatile, doesn’t get as hot, more forgiving (less combustible) and also passive cooling is almost exclusively used but this also might be due to it not generally being used in as heavy duty/high C-rate discharge applications. I’m considering both for a heavy duty ATV I’m building.
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