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Bank will be going in a van, charged by solar and alternator. I want to get four GBS 100AH 12v packs and wire them in parallel for 400ah/12v:

And I'm thinking an orion jr bms? ( ) I know maybe it's not necessary but I want to be able to see/balance/protect each of the 16 cell and I want something that is proven to work. $700 is my budget limit for bms.

Then I need two contactors for HVC and LVC: http://www.electriccarpartscompany....wouts-12V-24V-48V-60V-72V-96V-or-120V-DC-Coil

A 200a shunt to measure current:

And the bluetooth module to connect to a tablet for monitoring? I don't need the can module, do I? Just a USB to serial adapter for programming?

Is there anything else I need?
1. I'm not sure if it's 4p4s or 4s4p, but will this work for my setup?
2. How do I do the initial bulk charge & balance; car charger, snap on multimeter, and a lightbulb for balancing?
3. Can it be set to only charge to 3.5v per cell? I don't want to go to 100% regularly
4. What MPPT solar charge controller will work with this?

Thank you very much to anyone who takes their time answering my questions. I have been searching and reading for weeks and it is just too much for me to all figure out. Please lend me your help!
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