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If you decide to replace your pack, I would be interested in 4-5 of your ThunderSky cells. I have a pack that's almost identical to yours. I have 3 cells that I abused enough that they are noticeably different than the others. I would like to replace them and get a couple of spares.

My car is at:


So, I am looking to replace my 44, 8 year old Thundersky 100aH cells in my Bug with an equivalent prismatic LiFePO4 cell. The TS are still useful, but I think it may be prudent to make a change before it gets too late. Plus I may use the TS cells as a "powerwall" setup. I am not interested in Leaf, Tesla, 18650 etc. Because I don't want to reconfigure anything, or buy new components to accommodate a different tell type or configuration.
I have an opportunity to purchase some VERY low use(less than 200 miles and under 30 cycles) Calb CA100 cells from a forum member here. He has been conducting capacity tests on them and thus far has determined they are around 100ish aH each. They are almost 5 years old, and have sat unused at no more than 90% charged for the majority of their life.
1. How concerned should I be with their remaining life span of these used Calbs?
2. How long should I expect they will last from this point on?
3. What is a fair price for cells I this condition?
My 7+ year old ThunderSky have around 50,000 miles on them(the first 14,000 were pretty abused, the last 36K from me have been very gentle), and they could probably last me another 5-10k of easy driving. So I don't need to replace right away, but also don't want to pay for new ones if not needed yet.
Does anyone out there have a set of Calbs and can chime in one their experience, and how many miles/years they have on them?
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