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I think I know which seller you're talking about, and if so, I wouldn't have any issues with his reputability.

What can you expect out of them?

Jehu Garcia recently did some tests on some calender old, but use-wise new cells. He determined that age had almost no factor in "aging" the cells if they were stored properly. This contradicts some often-repeated-but-I've-never-heard-verified statements about how lithiums begin to degrade from the moment they're manufacturered and it's just a matter of time. The cells weren't the same as yours, but, chemistry-wise that's what he determined.

1. How concerned should I be with their remaining life span of these used Calbs?
If he says they weren't badly used, or poorly stored, or heavily discharged frequently, and you trust him, I'd say you have almost no issue, they'll be fine. 80% or more. If he's even testing them for you, then you can rely on that.

2. How long should I expect they will last from this point on?
Time-wise, I think it plays a very small role. If they're relative unabused, should be pretty close to new.

3. What is a fair price for cells I this condition?
The problem with that question is that there isn't much of a market for these.

The buyer is lucky to have found someone who wants them at all, as people wanting to replace without changing their system would be pretty much the only people who'd buy them, and you (the buyer) are lucky to have found anyone who's selling them because pretty much only someone who had an aborted project would still have some. If the seller was trying to get rid of them, he might get pennies on the dollar. If you needed to buy something very specifically, and somewhat antiquated, you might end up having to pay nearly new price.

Any price you are happy to pay is fair. Any price he would happily sell them for is fair. As to where the price should fall between those extremes... that depends only on your negotiating ability.

Recent comparables and "how much would you have to pay/let them go for otherwise" would also be a good guide to go by, but, again, not much of a market at all, hard to gain knowledge about their price.
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