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What is a typical price for one of these--or the range of prices from low to high?
1. 45kW CHAdeMO charger+CHAdeMO cable price:$6500
2. 45kW (CHAdeMO&CCS) charger+CHAdeMO cable+CCS cable price:$9000
3. 45kW (CHAdeMO&CCS) charger+CHAdeMO cable+CCS cable+Tesla adapter
4. 60kW CHAdeMO charger+CHAdeMO cable price:$8000
5. 60kW (CHAdeMO&CCS)charger+CHAdeMO cable+CCS cable price:$10000
6. 60kW(CHAdeMO&CCS)charger+CHAdeMO cable+CCS cable+Tesla adapter price:$10450.
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