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'67 912 vs 98 BMW 328i

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I have both and both have sen better days and need serious ICE work. So I am considering an EV conversion. I had assumed the 912 would be a great EV and noticed there are ready-made kits for it.

The BMW is my daily driver but on its last legs. It dawned on me that the BMW is likely a better all around chassis, much more modern and might make a better conversion.

I had had my heart set on the 912.

Help me decide. What should I be weighing?
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As a daily driver the BMW will be better but the 912 will be more fun and much lighter in weight. Still quite sporty if you use the right setup. If you don't mind crawling into the 912 all the time then its a no brainer, the 912.

Don't forget, the 912 will more than likely have NO air conditioner except when you roll down the windows.
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