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'67 912 vs 98 BMW 328i

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I have both and both have sen better days and need serious ICE work. So I am considering an EV conversion. I had assumed the 912 would be a great EV and noticed there are ready-made kits for it.

The BMW is my daily driver but on its last legs. It dawned on me that the BMW is likely a better all around chassis, much more modern and might make a better conversion.

I had had my heart set on the 912.

Help me decide. What should I be weighing?
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Duncan's build is inspiring, but he did a lot of work including finding and modding a forklift motor, building his own controller from a kit etc. He's also running without a BMS with a Chevy Volt pack which is risky- you personally would become the BMS, which is fine until you get lazy or something screws up without you noticing. So you can save a lot of money in return for both sweat and risk. But the big DC motor gives you serious grunt for the dollar, if grunt is what you really want.
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