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'67 912 vs 98 BMW 328i

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I have both and both have sen better days and need serious ICE work. So I am considering an EV conversion. I had assumed the 912 would be a great EV and noticed there are ready-made kits for it.

The BMW is my daily driver but on its last legs. It dawned on me that the BMW is likely a better all around chassis, much more modern and might make a better conversion.

I had had my heart set on the 912.

Help me decide. What should I be weighing?
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Hi ask
I don't want screaming performance (the 912 was never really that fast), but I don't see how I get out for less that $20k.

My costs (Duncan's Dubious Device)
Motor $100
Controller $600
Batteries $3000
Charger $150
That gave direct drive and reasonable performance

Since updated to
Controller $1000
Chevy Volt battery pack $3300 (including shipping and taxes to NZ)
Charger $500

That gives tire spinning performance
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This is my car

The motor is an 11 inch diameter Hitachi

Electric forklifts are quite common - you will find them used where food or anything that would be hurt or made dirty by exhaust fumes is stored or moved

The result is that there are lots of them about and when their batteries die - or their controllers - often the forklift is simply scrapped off

The trick is getting the motor before the scrap man smashes it!

You will need to go around to the forklift repair place with some cash (or beer) - until you are there at the right time

I dropped in to our local guy yesterday - and he had sent all that he had to the scrap the week before!

My motor came out of a 4 tonne Nissan forklift
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