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New to the forum.

Here is my build, i've been restoring a 1968 Pontiac Firebird that used to belong to my uncle. I'm loath to put another big block back in it given the price of gas these days and been researching EV or hybrid options as an alternative. I am pretty new to this world and need some advice to determine if this is a viable way to go. Here is my situation:

1) We live in a row house in Brooklyn, so no garage and no daily plug in option (the car will most likely be stored at a lot close by).

2) Since most of our commuting is via public transportation (subway) the car would only be driven 1-2 times a week for short trips (mostly pleasure related, less than 20 mile round trip). Though, maybe once or twice a month we drive up to our friends farm house about 200 miles away.

3) Cost. Well I am restoring an old muscle car and have already spent a few thousand on the body/interior. If the cost comes in under a new vehicle and we get at least as good gas mileage, then I will be happy.

4) Performance. I know this is always a rough spot with EV vehicles but it would be nice to get from 0-60 is something less than 30 seconds. What are my options here?

5) Skill. I'm fairly capable with most of the mechanical stuff and have access to friends who are very experienced fabricators. What we lack is electronics knowledge. Are these systems plug'n'play or do they need a lot of tweaking to get them up and running properly?

After reading up on the subject it seems that some sort of series hybrid would be the way to go, given that I don't have the charging options that the rest of the country has. After driving around plenty of muscle cars in high school I love the idea of owning another one. I also like the idea of reducing my fuel consumption and emissions. Has anyone made a build like this? Maybe the technology is not there yet for the DIY'r, but I though I'd ask anyway.
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