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70 mile range goal

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I"m considering A DIY EV or a buying a BEV.

If I had 50 mile range I could get off of petroleum 4 days a week.
If I could get 70 mile range I could be petroleum free most weekends.

What DIY conversion threads Do folks recommend I read.
Car has not been chosen yet. 1 seats, minimum. Most of that driving is solo.

It looks like i can buy that with a used Ford Focus EV or Smart Car EV. ($6,000-10,000) So the conversion needs to be cheaper than that and worth the hassle.

I'm a professional fabricator and long time shade tree mechanic.

Not sure if I should do a ground up conversion or make a hybrid plugin and upgrade the range???

What DIY conversion threads Do folks recommend I read???

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Hi Coronan
If you just want transport and those are your goals a second hand factory EV would do you fine
Here (NZ) that would mean a Nissan Leaf - depends what is available where you are

You won't be able to do anywhere near as well with a DIY conversion - people do conversions because they want to - like hot rods or custom cars
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