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'72 Mini Moke Conversion (UK)

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Hi All,

I have been cruising here for a while, and just yesterday jumped in and bought myself a '72 Mini Moke for an EV Conversion.

I thinks it great that people are coming at these projects for all angles, but I want to keep it simple(ish) on a first build so I was thinking about 5x Tesla Battery in series and Hyper 9 motor/controller.
The Moke will be coming to me without the engine but still with the gearbox, so I guess I will be blanking the top of the gear box off and mounting the motor over that with direct gear or chain drive, the alternative is to ditch the gear box and fit a chain drive diff as used in the various bike engine mini conversions, but this part alone is the nearly £2K (new)

The floor of the moke is flat so lends itself (to my way of thinking) to have the fabricated battery boxing just mounted directly to the floor with the seats straddling them.

My first question- is a hyper 9 motor oversized for this size vehicle? the original engine had 80(ish) FP of torque but the the hyper 9 is 120HP /173FP.

Also any idea what kind range I might get with a 5 Tesla not very hilly around here.

I have put a picture of the car on my web site:

Cheers all
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I'm a "mini guy" from way back I even owned a Moke kit car called a Cub back in the 90's

The mini gearbox is NOT one of it's good points - I would recommend heaving it over the nearest hedge and try and get a complete Nissan Leaf power unit and shoehorn it into the space

I did "shoehorn" a Lancia Twin cam into my mini in the 80's


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Thanks Duncan and those are some cool looking cars in the Photo's
I did consider a Leaf unit, and maybe i will do some more reading on this subject, but my thinking was that using a 'new' motor/controller and chargers etc would be simpler for a 1st build, obviously it going to be quite a bit more expensive, and probably we will not learn as much, but I was hoping to avoid CANBus shenanigans on the our first project.

While I am on line does anyone have a CAD Drawing (.Dwg or .Dxf) of Tesla S and X Batteries.


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I believe you can get a Leaf unit and throw the "brain" part away and then substitute an aftermarket replacement
Which (I believe) does away with all the scary CAN stuff

Alternative suggestion

Use a diff from something with independent suspension
I'm using a Subaru diff with a short prop to an 11 inch Hitachi motor

So use a Subaru diff with either a 9 inch DC motor on top with chain drive or even sticking out the front like a torpedo

I suggest a DC motor
It's a lot cheaper (I paid $150 for my current motor) and a LOT gruntier than the Hyper 9

Which means you don't need to change gears

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I was hoping to avoid CANBus shenanigans on the our first project.
Someone else is already solving this problem for you over at

Johannes has a Leaf motor in his own VW Touran:

He took it to be inspected by a TÜV engineer (more like an IVA tester than an MOT tester) a few weeks ago after they confirmed that since he was using OEM EV components he wouldn't need an EMC certificate.

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great to hear of another mini conversion in the pipeline, lots of threads on here about what people are doing. The most popular is the nissan leaf conversion, check out ESDI in germany as they have developed conversion parts which they have used in a mini.
London electric cars have used the setup in there classic mini.

Im looking at using an outlander rear diff in my mini marcos but havent had the time in the last few weeks to look at it.
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