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74 Sedan deville electrical conversion

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Hey Guys!!

I was checking google and found this cool site about electric car conversion.

I've been thinking in a project for a couple time. I'm a classic car enthusiast and have a project stored from a long time. it is a Cadillac Sedan Deville 74 with a big 500 CID (8.2L) engine that was rebuild in the lates 80s and was making something like 500 ft-lb of torque at 2200 RPM but when stored the car was burning some oil, so I was thinking about why not consider an electrical conversion and make it a more cheap daily driver?

So here's my question, I don't know nothing about EV I'm just starting to read this forum but, is it possible to just replace the giant V8 with an electric motor couple to the stock TH400 automatic transmission? I know there are some electric motors capable of spinning 5000+ RPM but, are these motors capable of "idling" at 500 - 700 RPM just to have the transmission pump working and with pressure built in the system?

How easy and expensive could be to find a motor that makes at least the 500ft-lb of torque or maybe a bit more that the original V8 makes?