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Hi all,

New to the forum and hoping to learn from the experts!

About 10 years back I bought a 76 Porsche 912e (curb weight 2,300 lbs) that I've been sitting on with intentions to restore. The 76 was a one year model with a 4 cylinder type iv vw motor (found in most VW Bus's back in the day), and as such is not too desirable to Porsche collectors. With over 200K it needs a power plant refresh regardless.

Given the progression of EV in the last 10 years, this could be an option.

I have no exposure to EVs but have mechanical skills with traditional gas engine (full rebuilds, all my on wrenching,etc). Learning is part of the fun, so DIY would be the route.

My goal would be a 100 mile range at normal traffic speeds. The budget would be 5 to 7 K.

Any recommendations, tips, sites I could learn from appreciated.


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