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'77 Datsun 280Z Conversion. Any Help?

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Wrong forum I think, it looks like most of this stuff is on here.

I just recently became interested in the benefits of electric cars. Doing some local auto searches online (, I found what I hope to be a perfect candidate: A 1977 Datsun 280Z that is in very good condition body-wise.

I was wondering of some members of this site could offer some insight on the subject. Are there any kits out there that would be BEST? What would you recommend? What am I looking at cost wise? Here's a link to the car:

Thank you for responding.

Also I am readily available at [email protected] or [email protected]

Thanks again,
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Thanks a ton MattW!
I'll mostly be using the car for short commutes to school or work. However a bit of added range would be nice.
Those are some useful facts about the 280Z as well. I'm going to call the owner today and talk to him about the car. It seems to be the perfect candidate.
I might grab the Deluxe Universal Kit from Electric Automotive. I don't really have the income to roll out an AC powered EV so I'm going to stick with the DC kit. Would the upgrade to the 9" motor be a good buy or will the 8" be enough?

They used the 9" in the Honda CRX shown in the Gallery of the EA site.
It weights approx. 2319 ibs. They get a range of about 60 miles. I'm looking for a range of 50-70 myself. Which I decided after thinking of what I would use it the car for.

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If you look at some of the pictures in the last link...that guy has waaay to much trunk room lol.
He also said he was getting 98 miles at 30/40 mph with US2200 Batteries...
I bet i could cram at least 18-20 into the '77 124 spider.
I guess i'd have to see :p
If it came down to it, I could always do some 'custom' fabrication.
At least I'm semi-versed in that.
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