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'80 MGB EV project

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Hello All, I join this group with amazement of the amount of knowledge and support in this community. I like cars - always have. CurrentlyI drive a Lexus 2018 NX200h, a 2003 VW Euro Weekender (pop-top). And just acquired a 1980 MGB. I've owned three of these little MGs over the years and I just love them. Cheap, cheerful perfect for a ride down the California coast Hwy 1. My challenge is to modernize by converting the power plant from a 1940s design-era 4 cylinder smog spewing engine to an elegant EV. But to be accomplished on a tight budget. And that is where the forum comes in... Switching on 'learning mode'.
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Shop recommendations? If you're not doing this yourself, multiply your budget by at least 5, possibly 10x.

Look @Forrest's Miata conversion...that kind of build can fall inside your budget if YOU do everything yourself.
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