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'80 MGB EV project

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Hello All, I join this group with amazement of the amount of knowledge and support in this community. I like cars - always have. CurrentlyI drive a Lexus 2018 NX200h, a 2003 VW Euro Weekender (pop-top). And just acquired a 1980 MGB. I've owned three of these little MGs over the years and I just love them. Cheap, cheerful perfect for a ride down the California coast Hwy 1. My challenge is to modernize by converting the power plant from a 1940s design-era 4 cylinder smog spewing engine to an elegant EV. But to be accomplished on a tight budget. And that is where the forum comes in... Switching on 'learning mode'.
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Howdy FA, Thanks and nice to be here. Goals are modest: Overall I would like to replicate the power levels of the '67 MGB I had years ago. Zero to 60 mph eventually is ok, but I will be getting on and off Freeways, so I need some kick. Top speed @ 100 -115 mph. Power: 100-140hp. Range 100-150 miles. It would definitely be a touring rather than a sports car.

Main advantages. The MGB is a light weight car (under 1800 lbs), since they sold @ 500,000 of these cars in the US parts are available (new and used), Ive owned three over the years and know what I am looking for in the way of handling and speed. Plus I bought this one in decent shape for not much money.
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I have no idea why this picture is displayed 3 times. Oops.
Thanks Brian. You are right 80 mph as top speed would really suit me well.

Question for you: the car has a solid 4-speed (no overdrive) Transmission. All the synchros are intact and it shifts beautifully. What are the advantages or disadvantages of keeping the transmission, clutch and drivetrain set-up as they are already in place and functioning well?
$ 8- 10,000. (groan) I wish it were double that, but...
I can see my budget was a conversation stopper. What would be a decent budget range for this car assuming we spec. for: 80mph top speed, 110 mi range, CVT (no shift) transmission? And I'll take any shop recommendations you wish to share. Thanks
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