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I have a busted 8 kVa diesel generator and would like to try to use the Alternator as a motor for an EV project. The diesel engine broke.
Being quite new the EV conversion, I've read around the forum and watched a bunch of videos.

Attached is a picture the alternator ID plate.
it's a 3 phase setup for single phase generation, if that matters.

Would it be usable / make sense as an EV motor, or more trouble than it's worth?
Looking at the rating, what kind of weight/size vehicle would it be able to power?
What sort of controller would this require.

My first project would be to convert my little tractor to an EV. I am suspecting that this motor may be a bit large for that purpose. example tractor pic

I'm no electrical/electronics wizard but I've built my own 10Kw off grid solar system and know my way around MCUs and a soldering iron.


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