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944 Tesla Conversion

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I'm a reformed hot-rodder looking to build my first EV. I have decent car building and fabrication experience (several LS1 swaps), but the electronics side is very new for me. I guess that is the appeal. So I'm going to try to post my build on here seeking advice and 'why did you do that?' from this forum.

I'm a mechanical engineer who works in vehicle dynamics by trade, so I am a proficient programmer and have some experience with data acquisition. I've also done some Arduino programming and am pretty comfortable there. For hobbies I've raced RC cars for years and built many racing drones for my son. Hopefully that electrical experience will help some as well.

So here are the parts I currently have:

1987 Porsche 944
Tesla Large Drive Unit (Thanks @WK057!)
2013 Chevy Volt Battery (second one on the way)
Tesla 2nd Gen Charger

The Tesla drive unit should fit nicely with the semi-trailing arm suspension on this car. After removing the transmission, fuel tank, and exhaust...there should be plenty of room for it. (see pics) I plan to weld a flange to the inner drive cups on Tesla half shafts to allow use of the stock 944 CV joints. (Similar to what @jackbauer is doing with his Panzer)

For the batteries, the plan is to enlarge the transmission tunnel on the car and sacrifice the back seat area for the first battery. Then make a box to put the other one in the engine bay. This car already has a tall tunnel due to the transmission being located in the back, I think I just need to make it wider based on initial measurements.

I'm definitely interested in running a BMS. I'm hoping @bigmouse might be able to help with that. It sounds like he has it figured out. I've been witness to a lithium battery fire in a race car, and take the batteries very seriously.

For the charger, I'm undecided how to run the Tesla Charger...I don't really have enough information or ability to hack it myself. I'm considering @jackbauer's board and @WK057's upcoming controller...

For the DC converter, I haven't bought anything yet. I'm looking for suggestions here.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to your comments and advice.


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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