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2WD Extended Cab. 5 Speed Manual Transmission.

ICE removed, gas lines removed, fuel tank removed.

Kinda sad to let this go but I haven't done much in two years so it's really not fair to keep it sitting here. I got too much going on.

The body is in good shape. Straight, no dents. Cab is decent although there's a sizeable tear in the drivers seat. Also one of the folding seats in the extended cab is missing a cover of some sort. Also missing the passenger door mirror. So there's a couple little tlc things to do for the interior / body but otherwise it's a pretty nice body. Little oxidation of the paint on the hood but it only covers the upper third.

I created tilt hinges from bedframe steel L-angle. They are tough and they do the job of giving access to the batteries but I would not consider it a "dump bed".

I started building / modifying battery boxes for Chevy Volt batteries. Two completed for each side of the drive shaft under the bed. They just barely fit. Each holds a complete 7kWh bank (42 Series, ~175v at full charge). Designed to hang from the truck frame. I was planning for two more behind the rear axle which if completed the vehicle would hold a total 28kWh of battery.

11" Kostov Motor, with spare motor for extra parts (missing a bearing) and also another spare rotor (with both bearings). I believe the 2nd motor could be rebuilt. Includes a new Brush Ring with new set of brushes. I have tested the complete motor on 24 volts with it's original brush set and it turns just fine. I actually got the new brush ring with the idea of re-building the second motor.

Includes motor adapter plate for the S-10 manual transmission. Also includes flywheel adapter and two clutch plate assemblies (though you might want new ones... you decide).

I didn't make much progress on the mounting adapter to hold the motor to the frame... so there's a challenge. There is a pair of rings to hold the motor, but they need to be modified to adapt to the frame. I was working on a steel plate to do this. You can see that in the pics of the engine compartment.

S-10 has A/C assembly complete as it was when the ICE was removed. Also power steering pump is still connected.

So I'm looking for $1800 for the S-10 with Kostov Motor & all associated parts including the two battery boxes if you are planning to continue where I left off with Chevy Volt batteries.

I have the Chevy Volt Battteries. I would want $900 for each 7kWh unit.

So that's $3600 for the whole shebang including 14kWh of Lithium Battery. The batteries are in good shape and both 7kWh units come from the same original Volt Battery, although I cannot say how many miles are on them. As you may guess, one of these two 7kWh units must be re-configured from the original 5 & 4 kWh units of the Volt Battery. I keep the extra 2kWh unit for my other projects.

Located in Northern California just off I-5 near Redding (about 150 miles North of Sacramento)

PM if interested. I have lots more pics to email. Please no low balls I'm pretty firm on this. No real hurry. I may be open to a partial trade if you happen to have a ~5kw 240v Split Phase 24v/48v LF Sine Wave Inverter such as an Outback Radian or a Xantrex Conext (4048 or better) or a Magnum or something like that. Or a specific Outback GVFX 3524 that I can stack with my existing one. Or a Trace Power Station PS2524 which I could also stack. Or if you have a pair of stackable inverters. I'm off-grid, looking for 240v @5kW so.... you get the idea.... I am open to partial trade fair market value for a good inverter that meets my needs.

Thanks for reading and good luck on your projects!!!


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