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96 volt pack to a 90 volt system?

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hey there
this is my first post.
I found a 1991 colenta pick up, here in holland, the pack is 15 x 6volt/160Ah, 90 volt agm and it is sulfated. I need new batteries and began to think of a lithium conversion. The closest pack voltage i can find is 96 volt. Would the extra 6 volt difference fry the controller and motor?

specs : Controller - Curtis 1221
Motor - 90 Volt AC motor
11kW / 20kW (3min.)
137A / 300A (3min.)
Torque 35Nm

Is this enough info? or am I being to vague? please help with any insight, expertise or tips.

thanks mike lenis
1991 colenta in europe
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The Curtis 1221 is rated for use with a 120V battery pack, so you will be perfectly fine with 96V.

Lithium iron phosphate cells are typically charged to 3.8V, have a resting voltage of 3.65V, and are discharged to 2.5-2.7V, so you could certainly string together 32 of them in series with the 1221. I personally like to see a little more voltage margin, but the Curtis controllers have been around for awhile and don't blow up too often.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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