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96v BMS and Charging system - Need Help / Advice

This is for a Electric Boat - More info on this thread.

As all my past experience has been with House Solar, I have been gravitating to similar equipment, I am quickly learning though there is an entirely new world in the EV space better suited.
  1. There will be 85kWh of LifePo4 Batteries. 96 cells
  2. I was gravitating to 3 32s 96v Batteries that would be ran in parallel. Would allow 3x redundant. 2 packs could be taken off line if needed. (THIS CAN BE CHANGED)
  3. The EV will have a standard Split Phase 50amp 240vac Shore inlet as power source.
    1. NOTE: Depending on where parked. Shore power may only offer 30amp 120v or 15amp 120v service.
    2. Charger needs the ability to work with both.
This is where I fear my Solar experience is leading me down the wrong path. HELP!!!

My knee jerk was Each 32s Battery would have its own 32s 200amp BMS. The 3 packs in parallel would then be hooked up to a 96v Inverter/Charger. This is current Plan.

Concerns - Would love your advice
  • These are unproven likely not very robust parts made for Solar setups
  • I feel like there are robust proven EV solutions for 96v
  • Will not utilize the full 50amp 240vac Shore hookup - will max out at ~2500 ish Watts charging
Would love to get feedback on 96v BMS / Charging setups
  • Sadly, I do not even know where to begin help me!!!
  • Basic research suggest there are systems where the charger talks to each Battery BMS.
    • would this work with 3 separate packs in parallel?
  • How would the charger hook up to a 50amp 240v split phase breaker box vs EV Charging station inlet
  • Would the charger be able to handle power if it was only 120v. (30amp shore power or 15amp shore power) how would it know to step down?
  • See such great potential here and do not want to try to re-invent the wheel as this 96v setup must be basic in the EV world

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