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!973 Super Beetle w/ NiCd $2800

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1973 Super Beetle with 96 volt Saft stm-180 NiCad pack. Rebuilt Prestolite motor from Hi Torque Electric and ElectroAutomotive adapter with new clutch. It has a rebuilt Curtis 1221B controller, Russco SC 18-120 charger, Astrodyne dc/dc converter, Also has gauges, fuse and circuit breaker. Vehicle does run, but has problem with controller overheating and slow acceleration. Batteries all hold a charge and put out 250-300 amps when checked with battery tester. Battery setup is 6 in front, 6 behind rear seat and 4 in engine compartment. New front brakes and rear overload shocks.
Located near Modesto CA, Contact me for more information and pics.
Trades considered.
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I have come to the conclusion that the problem is either the batteries or interconnects.
I tried another controller on it and had the same problem. The motor is good, rebuilt by Jim Husted at Hi-Torque Electric. I had someone out here last week to look at it who works at Curtis and he said the controller is good and said it was probably the inter connects. Batteries all hold a good charge and put out 250-300 amps when checked with load tester. I have rebuilt 2 other ev's successfully and now have a Rav4 EV. I put this one together and want to work on other projects. I want to sell the whole thing. What parts are you looking for/
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