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98 Saturn SC2 with Warp 9 and adaptor plate

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I have a 98 Saturn SC2 with a Warp9 motor and adapter plate installed. I'm asking 2500 but will consider less. Please contact me if you would like to see more pictures. I also created two metal battery brackets made from angle iron. I started working on this a few years ago, but just don't have any fee time.

I'm located in the Scranton PA area.



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I bought the adapter plate from electroautomotive. The transmission is a standard 5-speed. The transmission ran fine. The car was operational when I bought it and I drove it around for a few weeks before I pulled the engine out, and I never noticed any problems with shifting.

The car can't be driven the way it is. On Saturns (SC's and SL's anyway) the drive shaft going to the passenger wheel is split into two pieces, and the bearing support is held off of the engine. Currently I don't have anything holding up that support. I do have an engine ring clamp that I was going to use for that purpose but I don't have that quite installed yet.

I have spun the motor a few times using a battery charger just to make sure it works, but that's about it.
If you google saturn EV projects, you should see some solutions. Usually people build brackets to hold the origional bracket to the electric motor.

Here's a few solutions I found.

The first picture is from

In that picture, he attached the bracket to the car frame. I guess this works fine, but I wasn't going to do that because in the original design of the car the bracket was supposed to move with the motor. In this configuration, the bracket stays still and the motor moves.

The second is from

This solution is a little better (in my opinion) because it attaches the bracket to the electric motor.

There is a third solution I've seen where they used a "ring" style motor mount, to hold the bracket to the electric motor. (I can't find the pictures of it though). That' what I was doing when I stopped work. I can give you the ring mount (worth over $100) if you want the car.


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Forgot to mention that I left the clutch in (that's the way the electro automotive adapter plate system works).

I know the previous owner of the car recently changed the engine in the car so I'm guessing he also changed the clutch, but I can't say for sure. I don't really know how to tell how good of a condition the clutch is in, so I can't say how good or bad it is.
The only thing I've done to the ring mount was to notch it in a few places to allow it to cleanly hold onto the motor. (it was hitting some bolts on the motor body initially) You would still need to make an appropriate standoff to properly align the bearing bracket with the flat part of the ring mount.

You'll need to do some work there to get it done, but it shouldn't be too much. I'll look around to see if I can find the web page that gave me the idea.

As for moving it, if you have something with reasonable towing ability (i.e. truck, suv, minivan) , you can rent a car dolly from U-haul and tow it yourself. It's been a long time since I rented one, but I believe you should be able to do it for less than $100.
This is where I got the motor ring mount idea from. This is a great source of information for doing a Saturn conversion.
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