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!990 Electric Miata For Sale

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Hi all, just joined today. I have a red 1990 Mazda Miata MX5 that I converted to electric that I want to sell. I bought the car new in 1990, then turbo charged it with a methanol injected intercooler. The engine went out at 33,000 miles and it sat in my garage for several years. Around 1997 I converted it to electric using the Advanced FB-4001A motor and a Curtis 2301C-8601 controller. It has the Advanced throttle, and a belt drive for the power steering, and an electric vacuum pump for the power brakes. I built the 1/2 inch adapter plate to mate it to the stock 5 speed transmission. It uses two EV200A1 vacuum contactors, one for the HV bus, and one for the car cabin heater. The gas tank was removed and a frame built into the removed area for batteries, and also several went up front where the radiator was. It still has its original trunk space available. It started out with 11 12V 100 AH VRLA GNB batteries, then some Optimas, but now has 53 LiFePO4 100A running at a bus voltage of about 175VDC. It has an on board charger of 20A (240 vac in) at 180 VDC. The batteries are toast, and I now drive a Tesla, so I am selling the car. The car is in decent shape, but the rag top is gone, as are most of that vintage and it has about 8,500 miles on it as an electric car. Always garaged. See >Bill Theeringer's 1990 Mada Miata< and >Owner-converted 1990 Mazda Miata Electric Car.< I can post photos if anyone is interested. All work was done by a journeyman electrician, electronic engineer, and airplane mechanic (me). A sample of my other work >< I'm not sure what it's worth, but am asking $7,500.00 OBO. The license plate is ELEC MX5. It's drivable, but needs batteries and a new top. Bill T. 805-680-0993
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Where is the Miata located?
I knew I left out something! Goleta, CA, 93117. Basically Santa Barbara.
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