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A big ol bus

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I'm trying to size up the conversion of a bus.

I don't yet have said bus but it's likely to be a double decker or single decker if it has to be. Think Leyland Olympian (bus) or Setra s328 (coach).

Average MPG of these jobbies (diesel) is 8MPG

HP for these busses seems to range from 300-500hp and torque around 700nm - 1500nm

Let's say that when it's loaded up I would expect total mass of between 10 and 15 tonnes

Now for my use I would be looking to achieve a range of around 60 miles between charges, used on mostly flat roads but with the capability to make it's way up a mountain once in a while (who wouldn't want to take their bus skiing!)

50mph would be more than sufficient.

So, where would you begin with finding a motor and batteries to carry out such a project?
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Gearing could be your savior. What is the transmission in this bus? Final drive? Tire diameter? If you had 3+ gears designed to max out at 10k RPM at 50mph, even a puny Nissan Leaf motor putting out 280Nm might still be sufficient to get the thing moving. I feel like the "comparison" here is to calculate torque to the axles of the stock drivetrain (including transmission and diff), and see what that looks like if it were geared very tall for a lower top speed.

I dunno what factory BEVs are going for in your neighborhood, but buying one or two Leaf wrecks and salvaging the components is probably the cheapest way in. At 60mi range in a big ol' bus, the optimistic parts cost I would keep in mind is £10-15k just about any way you slice it.
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