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A Brief (Re)Introduction

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Hello All

I have been a (highly inactive) member for the forum since fall of 2014.

From 2014-2018 I was member and the President (2015-2018) of the University of Hartford Electric Racing Team -- Green 707. We restarted the build of an S10 with a WarP11HV and Soliton 1. Originally we used the lead-acid batteries purchased by previous club members, but after blowing those up (literally), we switched to Chevy Volt Lithium Manganese. We set and then reset the NEDRA MC/A-ED record.

I am now working on my own race build, a 1940 Chevrolet Coupe. New school tech, old school styling. Plans are still a bit fluid, but the battery set up will be very modular to allow for chasing records in a few classes. Long term goals involve having a removable "street" pack and a fixed "race" pack. I'm looking at a few different motor options, which will be driven by cost (dual DC vs Tesla LDU).