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A few words on the basic constitution of the Led module

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1. LED Light Emitting Diode
The LED’s luminance is decided by the naked core of LED chips luminance and the external material of the packaging. The Led lights’ lifetime are decided by the working environment and the quality of the led chips. What needs to specifically noted out is that nowadays the led chips’ standard size are: red/ yellow 12 mil, blue/ green 14 mil ones. And sometimes they also can be 8-10 mil chips. Different sized chips may have the same luminance, but their lifetime is definitely different. Since the more electricity in unity area of the chips, the shorter lifetime they have, and this is the reason why some chips of the same luminance may sell at different prices.

2. PCB Print Circuit Board
As the carrier of the light source, the PCB has a direct effect on the lifetime and failure rate of the module lights. All the electronic circuits of the Led module lights are on the PCB, so its material quality and processing techniques can affect the quality and longevity of the led products directly. The materials of PCB can be divided in three kinds: 100% glass fiber, 50% glass fiber and paper board. LED lights fixtures’ standard material should be 100% glass fiber with two sides. If choosing the half glass fiber or paper board, the following sealing quality and the ability of moisture-proof, aging resistance and the electrical property will be decrease a lot.

3. Outer skin
As the mix light layer and the protect layer of the led module lights, the outer skin also affects the effect and longevity of the led lights. The engineering plastic WestBay Led Lighting used are ABS, and this kind of plastic has the best effect of thermo stability, aging resistance, ultraviolet rays’ resistance and shock resistance. There are also some other items choosing the common plastic, but its thermo stability are not so strong, and they are easy to break; they are not fire resistance; if the module lights made of common plastic dry in the sunshine, they are easy to be yellow.

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