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Hello all,

my name is Remi (R4eCV on here) and I am currently in the process of converting a 1954 Renault 4CV to electric here in Switzerland. As a long time EV and Renault enthusiast these cars are my great hobby and I am very glad to join in here to share my adventures with you fellow enthusiasts.

Here's a picture of the car for those of you that are not familiar with this european model:

I will open a thread for this conversion in the appropriate section soon with more pictures and background information.

For those of you interested to follow my project, I try to do regular video updates too, so feel free to follow my youtube channel:

or straight to the latest update on this car:

Looking forward to being in touch with you all, and please feel free to ask questions! I might need your help too at some stage ;-)

Best regards,
Remi (R4eCV)
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