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Please excuse me if this is not the right place to post this. My (small) company, in the US, has recently come into some money and I am working on a proposal to invest it into reviving a trolley track. We are considering converting a trolley into electric to run back and forth on a straight stretch (not too long).

I am particularly invested in the idea, given the convenience it will provide to a lot of people I know and am happy to spend a considerable amount of my time into trying to make this happen. I have been tracking this forum for a bit now and have come across a variety of articles that I found to be great reads.

I realize that the mechanics for a trolley conversion would be very different as the speed and the weight might warrant for a lot of extra considerations. I was wondering if anyone here could point me to someone who might know a thing or two about similar work and may be willing to help me iron out the details or guide me on where I would find the resources.

I am a Power Electronics graduate student myself and am relatively comfortable with the converters used but do not know much outside my field. I must add that the lack of details in the post is intentional as there is a limit to what I can share. Please feel free to send a private message if interested or post below if you would want me to contact you.

Any help is really appreciated.
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