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A very noobish question, but need help with starting conversion

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Hi all, have been planning on doing a conversion for some time now and talked to the folks at EVwest who advised me against converting anything with OBD2 (so like pre- 1996 only I think). They even had bad thoughts on converting cars with OBD1. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Also, (now) planning on converting a Jeep Cherokee 1992 ) with OBD1. Weight is about 3100 lbs. and at EVwest they kind of acted like this is too heavy for a Hyper 9 IS. My battery calc and gear ratio numbers seem to indicate that this will work, but these guys have real world experience so it's got me kind of worried. Any thoughts on this as well (real world)?
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The Hyper9 does seem a tad small for a Cherokee. I think you want an 11 or 13 inch motor, not a 9.

As far as OBD-2 goes, who cares? The women in my family have driven for years with the check engine and/or traction control light on.
Thanks for the reply. Any thoughts for an appropriate motor? I know this is very specific to the build and battery configuration. Just looking for some thoughts here. Thanks.
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