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Howdy folks, I've decided to try something you might or might not have encountered on this site before: a virtual electric conversion.

The talky bit (feel free to skip):
I've been an EV enthusiast for quite some time now. Unfortunately, being a poor student from a poor country, the chance of owning one within the next 5 years is slim to say the least. With this in mind, I've decided for the next best thing: Sim racing. I've been playing the racing simulator Assetto Corsa for the past year, one of the more realistic racing simulators on the market with a wide modding support and decided to make my own mod of the car Ford Puma for the game, including two electric variants (4 variants in total). The point in doing this is for me to have my real-world car represented in the game, to learn about electric conversions should I ever have the opportunity to build one, and to educate the sim racing community about electric cars.

These conversions being 100% virtual, there is no budget, I can use any parts and don't have to worry about reliability. That said however, I'd like the cars to represent something someone could and actually would build in the real world, so please keep it reasonable.

What I want?
To make 2 electric conversions using the Ford Puma platform. One of these will be built like a daily driver, while the other will be a dedicated track car (referred to as 'Daily' and 'Track' respectively).

My goals for the cars:
- Range long enough to complete 7 laps around the Nürburgring GP circuit at full race pace (7 x 5.1km)
- One DC, one AC
- Power matching their ICE counterparts

- 125 horsepower
- Original gearbox
- Tyres: eco street, street, semislick

- 200 horsepower
- 2 speed gearbox or direct drive
- weight reduction (~780kg w/o powertrain components)
- optional aerodynamic parts (splitter, wing, etc...)
- Tyres: street, semislick, slick
- variable final gear ratio

I will need help regarding things like:
- battery sizes
- motor selection
- motor braking torque and curve
- motor inertias
- weight of individual components

Is what I'm asking reasonable? Is there anything else I need to decide on? Any other info you need? Any feedback is welcome.

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